27 March, 2008

My birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. I am actually not surprised to be any age any more. 26 is a good age. I went out and bought $50.00 worth of Tolkien books with the money Mandi's parents gave me. I'm sort of on a Tolkien craze right now. I'm sure it will end when I finish them all. Kind of like my Harry Potter craze. Once those books ended I had to find something new to go to.

Mandi made me some dinner last night. It was really good and she did a little experimenting with spinach, chicken, and Parmesan. I've been wanting something with spinach for a long time. We then watched Munich. It was good but probably the most different Speilburg movie I have seen. It's amazing how terrorism starts, and builds.

Adding on to this list I also got some money from my parents to put towards my vacation fund which puts me above my goal for the month. woo hoo


Alene said...

Happy Birthday Jeff! I totally loved that movie Munich--it was so intense and yet so real.

The Moon is Reaching for Me said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Hope u like my present!!