10 April, 2012

Four Comedies You Must See

Obscure, Slapstick, Absurd, Witty, these are all comedies that may change your perception on what the hell you've been watching all of these years. Not everyone will love these comedies, but they may grow on you over time.

Brazil-Love does not always conquer all.

Rushmore-About the person you wish you were in high school.

Young Einstein-What if Einstein's theory of relativity could make bubbles into beer?

Top Secret-Ever wonder what would happen if the German government was still evil in the 80's and Val Kilmer was a singing popstar and was the only one who could stop them?

09 April, 2012

Working on a poem

So, I've got this poem I am working on for my brother's movie. It has to be about space and a robot is reciting it. It is still a work in progress, but this is what I have so far.

Ticking time’s piece fills the void that is reason
Curving space and light play games, it’s all within the season
Round we go on orbit slow
This spaceship Earth has given birth
And through the solar winds she’ll hold her spin
And when she dies the journey will begin

It’s not the dark of night that’s blind
But seven billion souls that sleep
And in their dreams the sun is red
The air is green, the roses dead
Loss of limb, it’s not the same
You wakeup living, blood in veins
And in the flight of grace they hold their pain
And in the cosmic rain they wash away.