31 March, 2011

Proud of My Girl

Here are just a few highlights of Mandi in UVU's Spring Ballroom Concert. Enjoy!

12 March, 2011

The Little Ones

A beautiful and sad song for the little ones who die in war.Written and performed by Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens)

11 March, 2011

Tsunami Hits Santa Cruz

Back in August of 2010 I was surfing with some friends for a week in Santa Cruz. The beach in these photos is called Cowells and it sits just near the boardwalk. I have posted a few photos as to where the waterline was at during our trip, and compared that with how much it receded during the Tsunami. Take a look.

(Photo of how far the water receded from the cliff face)

(Photo showing the position of the photos taken back in August 2010. Notice the water level at the foot of the stairs and the cliff bottom)

(Larger photo of the bottom of the stairs (Mandi and Jeffrey)

(Larger photo of the bottom of the cliff (Colin)

Mandi, the Poster Girl

Look who made the poster for Utah Valley Universities next ballroom concert!

Earth Quake & Tsunami in Japan

It's days like this that I tell myself to stop complaining about my own hardships and focus on others who are suffering far more than I probably ever will. More Earth quakes, crazy weather, and other natural disasters are what we were expecting but nobody will know the effects until it actually hits home. This makes me want to be a better person and more aware of what I can do to make this Earth a much better and cleaner place to live in. Donate to the humanitarian aid of your choice, whether it be of a religion, private organization or government. A little bit goes a long way. PS: I don't need to know where or how much you donate, just do it because you should.

10 March, 2011

The Miracles of Medical Science

Thank your doctors, thank your scientists!

09 March, 2011

Part 4 of our Santa Cruz Trip 2010

Just finished part 4 of our Santa Cruz trip. Stay tuned for part 5


Space Shuttle Discovery makes its last touchdown

08 March, 2011

Discovery Crew Prepares for Wednesday Landing

Space shuttle Discovery’s crew is wrapping up final preparations for its planned landing at 11:57 a.m. EST or 9:57 a.m MST at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. You should be able to go to CNN's website and watch live video of Discovery making it's final decent into the Earths atmosphere. After it lands, the Space Shuttle Discovery will be retired. Here is a video of highlights from its last mission in space.

06 March, 2011

Russell's Space Ship

Russell built a space ship cockpit in his basement for a movie he is making. He did a green screen test to show what it would look like if he were flying through space. Check it out.

01 March, 2011

Carl Sagan: Perspective

When the Voyager 1 probe was heading out of our solar system Carl Sagan requested that the camera be pointed back at Earth to take a snapshot of our planet from a record distance. You can see the pale blue dot caught in a sunbeam in the photo below. The photo just may be the most important photograph ever taken because it gives the inhabitants of Earth a perspective that they need to see in order to understand how delicate they are and how important it is to care for each other. Here is what he writes on the photograph.