11 March, 2011

Earth Quake & Tsunami in Japan

It's days like this that I tell myself to stop complaining about my own hardships and focus on others who are suffering far more than I probably ever will. More Earth quakes, crazy weather, and other natural disasters are what we were expecting but nobody will know the effects until it actually hits home. This makes me want to be a better person and more aware of what I can do to make this Earth a much better and cleaner place to live in. Donate to the humanitarian aid of your choice, whether it be of a religion, private organization or government. A little bit goes a long way. PS: I don't need to know where or how much you donate, just do it because you should.


Jennifer and Rod Deitrich said...

I simply love your blog & the amazing wide array of things you post, from science, to nature, to family, religion, politics, you are really something, Mr. Jeffrey Root! Also, I love how you said "donate to a cause, and do it because you should" that is so very true! I personally donate to animal causes, the ones I feel need it the most and use it the best. But I believe everyone should donate to something, and do it without asking for attention or headlines over it. It IS the right thing to do! Keep up the rare beauty in which you speak, Jeff.

Jeffrey Dean Root said...

All causes that save lives are good causes. Animals are the most innocent creatures we know of. We should coexist.