27 March, 2008

My birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. I am actually not surprised to be any age any more. 26 is a good age. I went out and bought $50.00 worth of Tolkien books with the money Mandi's parents gave me. I'm sort of on a Tolkien craze right now. I'm sure it will end when I finish them all. Kind of like my Harry Potter craze. Once those books ended I had to find something new to go to.

Mandi made me some dinner last night. It was really good and she did a little experimenting with spinach, chicken, and Parmesan. I've been wanting something with spinach for a long time. We then watched Munich. It was good but probably the most different Speilburg movie I have seen. It's amazing how terrorism starts, and builds.

Adding on to this list I also got some money from my parents to put towards my vacation fund which puts me above my goal for the month. woo hoo

24 March, 2008

Book Report

Fellowship of the Ring...Many people have told me if you want to read any of Tolkiens books good luck. Most people who have read The Hobbit told me it was good but the Lord of the Rings trilogy was a little too descriptive and slow. I decided to take the challenge after reading the Hobbit to finish reading the books of Middle Earth because I love Tolkiens writing style.

Fellowship of the Ring is an amazing book filled with characters that I care about and some of the most descriptive history of the world they live in. The story moves forward very well and branches off with so many tales I want to look into. I really thought the movies were some of the best movies ever made but if you really want to know the whole story pick up the books. I am now in the middle of The Two Towers.

I plan on making a visit to the bookstore this week to buy some more books on the history of middle earth. Never has a book series swept me off to far away lands that seam like a long lost home to me...

19 March, 2008

I know many of you do not agree with my views but I believe that we need someone running this country that does not run away from questions, people who they have been affiliated with and their own past. Someone who can explain himself. In this speech Barack Obama lets everyone know what his goal is for this country. Pretend it is your favorite person running for office and then choose weather you liked this speech. It is 36 minutes long but if you listen from beginning to end you will fully appreciate and understand what he means.

17 March, 2008

I just thought I would update you on what's going on with the car. I'm half way done with sanding the paint off. Here are a couple of pictures that show the ugly brown maroon vs the shiny silvery metal. Once I get it completely sanded down and some dents filled in I will take it in to get painted. Woo hoo!

14 March, 2008

DANCING. It aint what it used to be...

Hellsapoppin 1941. Have you ever seen anyone lindy like this group.

07 March, 2008

Congradulations James!!!

This is my best friend James being interviewed for a film he made that was entered into a shorts film festival. For those of you who don't know James and I have been best friend since high school.

02 March, 2008

Book Report

Not many of you know this but I have a goal to read 24 books this year. That's much better one book or none at all. I took on this challenge because I plan on being a Teacher in the future. It has been pretty hard to keep up with this challenge but so far I have read three books. 2001 A Space Odyssey, Contact and a few days ago I finished The Hobbit. If you have not had a chance to read the Hobbit I think it is time you've picked it up. It was one of the funnest books I have read.

Poor Bilbo can never say no even when his heart isn't in it. A Group of 13 Dwarfs show up at his door one day and tell him he is going to be their burglar on a long and dangerous journey. Guided by a wizard and not very well prepared their journey takes them through forbidden lands with Trolls, Goblins and Elves. When enslaved in Dungeons or threatened into being squashed into jelly, Bilbo always comes out the savior of the dwarfs with a little luck from a ring he comes across.

You are never too young to pick up this adventure. Bilbo was about 50 when he had his ;)