29 January, 2010

California Trips

Here is a slide show of our California trips I put together. The sound is a little off because Youtube is stupid but I'm sure you get the point. Enjoy.

27 January, 2010

Ideal Life

I was thinking this morning about life styles and what I want mine to be like by the time I am in my mid to late 30's. Here is what I came up with but I am sure things may change a little if I were to discuss this with Mandi.

First and foremost I would like to live close to the coast. 50 miles or closer would do it. I love the vastness of the ocean. If fells like the world goes on forever when I'm standing on the beach.

I hope to have a job teaching at a university and writing articles for different publications.

The house I would like to live in doesn't have to be very big at all. Just comfortable and in a nice area with low crime and trees.

The perfect family car would be a Volkswagen Bus. A Volkswagen Beetle or Karmen Ghia would be great commuter cars. A motorcycle would help save on gas.

For pets I want two dogs so they can play together. Dogs help boost morale and provide a sense of security.

Kids will come. 1, 2, maybe 3. We will see.

To top it off I will need a couple of surfboards. Surfing will take care of much of my exercise and help me spend time with my family. Catching a wave gives me the feeling of freedom.

14 January, 2010

Donate to your charity of choice

Everyone knows Haiti has been hit by a serious earth quake. One third of their population is either dead or seriously injured. I know times are tough but try to donate to your charity of choice. I know the LDS church joined together with a Muslim religious organization and is flying in two planes, both with 80,000 lbs of food each and other aid supplies. Continue to donate and be a part of the human cause. The Red Cross is also an organization that gives quick aid.

11 January, 2010

Funny discussion board quote

Masako52"A marriage shall be considered valid only if the wife is a virgin. If the wife is not a virgin, she shall be executed." -Deuteronomy 22:13-21
-Wow, Christian marriage sounds really nice

Someone posted this on CNN's discussion board for gay marriage.

02 January, 2010


Mandi and I went to a 1930's themed New Years party. I went as an aviator but I also realized if I put on a beret I could also magically change into a film director.
We then changed and headed over to another friends house and watched the ball drop. We stayed up late and played the game Quelf. I highly recommend it.

Sullivan you old scallywag you still owe me the dough you two bit crook!