26 September, 2011

Update-Orion in my lens

Update-Here is a stacked image of 2 photos I took of Orion. I just downloaded Gimp and the difference in color is amazing. I can't wait to see what more I can do.

I'm proud to show off this incredible photo of the Orion nebula that I took. This one is going on my wall.

07 September, 2011

The Man Who Stole the Show

I celebrated Freddies birthday on Monday by listening to Queen and posting a series of videos and pictures on facebook. There is not much I try to convert people to and music seems to be a little silly to take as seriously as religion and science. I don't think people know how important art is in their lives. The man who changed my devotion towards music did it all. It's weird that we have these devotions. Some people worship invisible Gods, or burry their heads in the lab, and others enjoy life through the fruits of their fellow human beings. In 1985 Freddie Mercury held the world in his hand for 20 minutes. Here is how Freddie got the worlds attention towards fighting aids.

05 September, 2011

First Photo of a Galaxy!!!

I am very proud of myself today. I stayed up late while camping in Joes Valley and was very determined to find a photograph the Andromeda galaxy. After paying close attention to star positions I found the faintest fuzz that I thought was a smudge on my telescope. I decided to piggyback my camera on my telescope and open the exposure and sure enough it was the Andromeda galaxy I saw. So I mounted my Camera to the view finder to get a closer look. This is what I got.