23 July, 2007

Camping at Joe's Valley

Well. Here are a few clips of my awesome camping trip at Joe's Valley. Enjoy

08 July, 2007

04 July, 2007

I'm sick and tired of old ways carrying on

What is it with the world today. I wonder when we will all see each other as a human race and not different species. Racism wont stop. The fights continue on because some people cannot let go. If you talk to the younger kids that haven't been past second grade you will find that they understand humans better than the rest of us. They wouldn't understand why their parents would say they couldn't play with their best friend just because he or she looked different.

I really believe when the older generation dies off, and I say this with all respect, we will be able to move on. We cannot be a generation of racism. I'm not saying we should forget what happened in the past but we did not live through that. We are not our fathers or our fathers fathers. We live now. We can make our own world.

So this brings me to politics. We are dealing with leaders that are still half living in the past. They are setting up our future the way they want to live it when they wont even be around to experience it. Social security is a big issue. They get to collect it now but we wont in the future. They are trying to come up with ideas for us to fix this but what about our input.

I'm very inspired to vote in every election now. Who says you have to be old to be president. Why not elect a 35 year old into office. I'm really scared for what our future holds. We have no money and the world gets worse every day. What will we do? How can I make a difference?

02 July, 2007

A little behind the scenes.

Here is a little video I put together while we were shooting and thanks to a little help from Alana.

First two days of filming

It has finally happened. Russell has begun filming his first full length film. Actually, it is the first film he has ever planned to film all the way through, with a script even. I'm not afraid to say everyone was iffy. No one had read the script yet. We had no idea what we were going to be doing. I think we were all kind of a little nervous.
Shooting began late. I mean late late. we got rolling around 12:30 at night for a day scene. I had no idea how Russell planned to light it but when the lights went on it was amazing. It's the best lighting I've ever seen on a film set. Well, I haven't been on many but talk about wow!
We all got a chance to see the first shot when it was finnished. It was a dolly shot that covers almost the whole room. I almost cried when I saw how beautiful it turned out. It was then when I realized how awsome Russell is. He barely made it out of highschool, he never even tried to go to college and now he is living his dream that he has made himself.
Now all of us are in. My oldest brother Tyler is deffinately the organization of this project. Russell told me yesterday morning that when Tyler had to leave at 3:30 am he couldn't believe how unorganized his thoughts were. He said that Tyler can stand there and ask him questions about everything that the shot involves and when he is done the lighting is where it needs to be, the camera is set, and the actors are ready to go. Tyler is Russell's biggest asset on this movie.
Billy is great. He is so awkward on camera. It's so funny to see his little twitches. He has this scene where he runs in the room and scares everyone. There is a green light on his face, smoke coming from behind and the wind is blowing. It's awsome!
We don't have one paid actor or crew member in this whole movie but you couldn't tell by the way it is done. The acting with Krystal and Marty is superb. I can't wait for another day of filming.