24 November, 2009

10 November, 2009


I just finished another project last night for my Rome class. I made the mistake of buying regular Sculpy and the clay was not the best to work with. It was a good thing I took pictures before I put it in the oven because it cracked on some parts pretty bad. I was just happy to be done with it because of all the problems I was having.

04 November, 2009

Compromising Artist

I consider myself first and foremost an Artist. Going through school has been hard on me and it is still very hard to see an end because I am going into a field that is second choice. If I could I would live my life doing sculpture, drawing pictures, and most likely working in a special effects studio working on concept art and maquettes before the final design is made on a creature in development. This to me is all a dream. I chose teaching because I know the world will always need teachers and lets face it, there are more teaching jobs than special effects jobs out there. Don't get me wrong, I like teaching its just that I feel like I had to make a compromise for the long road ahead.

Project Hobbit

Here is the finished product of my Hobbit Project in my Tolkien Literature class. It is a Troll holding Bilbo upside down trying to decide if he is going to cook him or squash him into jelly.

01 November, 2009

Mandi Halloween

Mandi allowed me to do her hair and makeup for Halloween this year.