28 April, 2011

The sky was finally clear

The sky was finally clear last night and although I wasn't out for very long because it was so cold, I managed to take a few good pictures.

1. This is a photo of the star Vega. It is difficult to capture a star without a motor mount because of its drift.

2. Saturn is high in the sky right now. It's always exciting to view through a telescope.

3. This is a short, 2 minute exposure of polar north.

4. This is a one hour exposure of polar north. Notice how the star trails get longer as you go out from the center. Pretty cool. I had to stick the camera in the window well of the house and run the remote cable through the window to my laptop. It was too cold to wait outside that long.

22 April, 2011

Time Lapse of the Stars

I did another time lapse video. This one is of the stars. It was kind of difficult because I shot out of the window and cars were driving by making for random light inconsistencies. Still pretty cool though.

21 April, 2011

First Time Lapse Video

Here is my first time lapse video. I've always wanted to do one and with the new camera we bought it is possible. I'm really putting this thing to some good use. I can't wait to do some astrophotography when school is out.

19 April, 2011

Moon Photos

The Skies aren't so clear because of the light pollution that comes from the full moon. So this is what I get until it goes away.

Rambler Rebel

I figured it was about time to take some cool photos with the Rambler.

15 April, 2011

Mandi Looking Different

For those of you who missed it. Mandi changed her hair and she's looking radiant!


07 April, 2011

Perception In All Senses

This semester I am taking Anthropology, British Literature Before 1830, Critical Introduction to Literature, Math 1010 and American Social Dance. At times I feel that my brain will never adjust to which class I am attending because I have such a variety of subjects to focus on. Keep in mind that I never took a liking to education growing up but learned an appreciation for it later in life. So if you've taken more credit hours than I am currently taking, be gentle to my petty intellect. I'm improving.
I have noticed a common theme among all of my classes. Everything relies on the perception of the experience. You can sit back and watch the news or a documentary and believe that you truly understand the natives of another country at war. You can study in class and you can even go directly to the culture and study their ways yourself but this will never mean that you are the right person to interpret that culture. Only the people themselves can tell their own story. The only thing we can do is give our interpretation according to what we saw, heard, touched, smelled and tasted. Because we are so influenced by what our own society judges to be normal, our interpretation of another's culture will never be correct.
I cannot claim to understand what it means to be homosexual and I cannot understand what it means to be Catholic. I can give you my interpretation of what they are and the reasons why I support certain causes. Are my opinions subject to change? Yes. I went from believing in gun control, to not believing in gun control to expressing my reluctance to own a gun, to just leaving the subject be. I went from thinking that Homosexuality was the destruction of the family, to I don't hate you but I still don't think you should get married, to let them be but stay away from me, to confused, to why do I think I am any better than they? to they are people with wants and desires and deserve what I have, to we are no different, we all just want to be loved and not have to fake it for the rest of society. My views on abortion have not changed much but are less extreme believing in the review of ever case. I went from environmentalists are crazy people who want to enslave us by making us live in T-pees to global climate change is a hoax, to even if you don't believe in it there is no reason to trash the world, to woah, the oceans are getting warmer, the ice caps are melting, we have more sporadic weather and all this at an excelled rate than has happened in the past. It is good to have a change in attitude and I hope I continue to change.
It is what I have seen, experience first hand that makes me feel this way. I know there are many of you who do not agree and maybe you have had different experiences than I have. If you can let me know what those are maybe I can try to see things from your angle and make different judgments. If I offend you, let me know why and maybe I can feel and understand what makes me offend you. That's all for now.

01 April, 2011

More Photo Practice

I'm just getting a little photo practice in between classes at UVU.

Mandi Paints a picture at the Zone

Buffalo in the science bilding

Spring Flowers

Orion from Mapleton

Harvest park facing the mountains

Looking North from Mapleton to Provo

Looking West from Harvest Park