17 May, 2009

Last day for the Renaissance Faire

So I decided to take one more trip to the Renaissance Faire so Mandi could have a chance to go. We also brought Margot, Logan and Katrina. We all had a fun time watching the knights joust as well as me being part of the show. They put a helmet on my head with a cabbage on top and took turns trying to cut the cabbage in two with a sword while riding a horse. Pretty cool.

Out with the old, in with the new

Well, I have to say goodbye to my motorcycle and my Beetle to make way for my new ride. Well, it's not new but it will do for my transportation when we move out to California. It's a 1972 Ural Russian motorcycle complete with side car. I actually have no plans to restore it anytime soon. It will be my daily driver. I can make rounds to the grocery store and even carry projects to school with it because of the side car. The motorcycle itself has two bike style seats. I found it while attending a car show at thanks giving point. I was one of the first to see it and all I had were questions, questions questions. The guy lives in Payson and I went down after the swap meat to get a better look and to hear it start up. It sounds great but it needs a new carburator on the left side. I found that they run only $90 new. The great thing about this bike is that they didn't change the model much since the 1940's so it looks totally vintage.

15 May, 2009

Renaissance Faire

Last week Russell, Randa, Nate and I went to the Renaissance Faire in Ogden. We had a great time drinking Wizard's ale and watching the Knights joust. Here are some pictures.