28 April, 2011

The sky was finally clear

The sky was finally clear last night and although I wasn't out for very long because it was so cold, I managed to take a few good pictures.

1. This is a photo of the star Vega. It is difficult to capture a star without a motor mount because of its drift.

2. Saturn is high in the sky right now. It's always exciting to view through a telescope.

3. This is a short, 2 minute exposure of polar north.

4. This is a one hour exposure of polar north. Notice how the star trails get longer as you go out from the center. Pretty cool. I had to stick the camera in the window well of the house and run the remote cable through the window to my laptop. It was too cold to wait outside that long.

1 comment:

Cap said...

These are GREAT!!! I love the Saturn one. There is something great about having your own picture of a plane. You should try for Jupiter and it's 4 Galilean moons. ;)