09 May, 2011

Justifying Our Actions

Too many justify their actions by claiming to have God on their side. When will people start taking responsibility for their actions.


Anonymous said...

I think it's funny how people think God takes sides. I did not know he was subject to our causes. I strongly beleive in God. Is anyone on gods side? I know what I believe in. I know God gave me a brain to use and feelings to judge whats right and whats wrong. I don't think he sides with a one group of people. I do think he should be obeyed. I believe in christ. He taught to love your enemy,be as a child. He taught peace and many more great things. His name unfortunately has been stained by over 1,000 years of coruption and greed. Some people are not willing to read his words because of that.

Jeffrey Dean Root said...

You make a very good point. Although I do not believe in God, i do think that Christ was a great philosopher (that's just my opinion). I still listen to most of his words. To spread the love rather than hate is what I would love to see. I saw on the news the other day the violent clashes between Muslim and Christian protesters in Egypt. 12 people died and hundreds were injured all because there were rumors of a woman who converted from Christianity to Islam and was being held against her will inside of the Christian church to get her to convert back. We hear stories like this every day from both religions and they keep up the fight.

People make a big deal about our presidents needing to be religious and even if they claim to be the people need some kind of verification. Not only does he have to be religious but he must be Christian, otherwise he is not worthy of running our nation. Because that's who's God they want on their side.

Anonymous said...

I will vote for the guy who has the same standards and ideals as I do. I think you can treat the two major political parties as religions. They both have apposing things they preach to us. Though I tend to be on the conservative side I try and see past all that dogma and think.