24 March, 2008

Book Report

Fellowship of the Ring...Many people have told me if you want to read any of Tolkiens books good luck. Most people who have read The Hobbit told me it was good but the Lord of the Rings trilogy was a little too descriptive and slow. I decided to take the challenge after reading the Hobbit to finish reading the books of Middle Earth because I love Tolkiens writing style.

Fellowship of the Ring is an amazing book filled with characters that I care about and some of the most descriptive history of the world they live in. The story moves forward very well and branches off with so many tales I want to look into. I really thought the movies were some of the best movies ever made but if you really want to know the whole story pick up the books. I am now in the middle of The Two Towers.

I plan on making a visit to the bookstore this week to buy some more books on the history of middle earth. Never has a book series swept me off to far away lands that seam like a long lost home to me...

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