09 March, 2011


Space Shuttle Discovery makes its last touchdown


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Jeffrey Dean Root said...

It is sad to see the shuttle program wind down to a close. Endeavor has its final flight on April 19th and Atlantis will have its final flight at the end of June. After that, commercial companies will start delivering cargo to the space station and in a few years, astronauts. Until then we will have to rely on our good partner in space, Russia. I'm fine with it. NASA is one of the only government organizations we have that works well with international partners. I mean, they linked an Apollo capsule with a Russian Soyuz capsule in the 70's, right the heat of the cold war.

Jeffrey Dean Root said...

Here are some highlights from the Apollo/Soyuz docking.

Soviet astronaut Alexey Leonov joined Stafford and Slayton in Apollo, greeting them with "Howdy partner."

The astronauts invited each other for meals in their space ships.

Thomas Stafford-"our joint work in space serves for the benefit of all countries and peoples on the earth."

Vance Brand-"We wish you the host of success. I'm sure that we've opened up a new era in history. Our next meeting will be on the ground."