11 March, 2011

Tsunami Hits Santa Cruz

Back in August of 2010 I was surfing with some friends for a week in Santa Cruz. The beach in these photos is called Cowells and it sits just near the boardwalk. I have posted a few photos as to where the waterline was at during our trip, and compared that with how much it receded during the Tsunami. Take a look.

(Photo of how far the water receded from the cliff face)

(Photo showing the position of the photos taken back in August 2010. Notice the water level at the foot of the stairs and the cliff bottom)

(Larger photo of the bottom of the stairs (Mandi and Jeffrey)

(Larger photo of the bottom of the cliff (Colin)


Anonymous said...

that is a lot of water displacment. People need to respect what the earth can do. I cannot beleive the earthquakes we have been having the last ten years. Some are record breaking. It is scarry to think of the catastrophe california would suffer if a simular quake hit there. It can happen anywhere and Japan was more prepared for this than we are. It will be interresting to see how Japan gets through this and how long it will take. We can all learn from this.

Jeffrey Dean Root said...

I totally agree with you. Nobody expected the Tsunami to come inland over 5 miles. Some people thought they were at a safe distance. Also, people were digging out family members right after the Earthquake and forgot about the Tsunami threat. What can you do when your family is buried under an apartment building. Everyone was seriously disoriented and emotionally shocked. I went through a 5 second Earthquake in high school and the students all forgot to get under their desks because they were in shock. I can't imagine what it is like to suffer through an 8.9 magnitude quake with several aftershocks ranging over 6.5 magnitude and then a tsunami hits washing thousands out the sea. You can never be prepared with that, even if you had food storage the building that was holding it was completely demolished. Totally sucks!