01 April, 2008


After I finished Fellowship of the Ring I started reading the Two Towers. I also went out and bought 7 books of middle earth that I plan on reading after I am done with The return of the king which I am reading now.

The Two towers is a perfect example of why I chose to read the Lord of the rings. There are so many differences from book to movie adaptations and it's always nice to know how much a director will change and for what reasons.

In the book Sam Wise and Frodo only have small disagreements over Smeagol. Sam never left Frodo and they went on to Shelobs layer together. In the movie Gollum separates Sam and Frodo by accusing Sam of eating all of their lembas bread. Sam turns back to go home when he finds the bread on the stairs down below. He gets angry and returns to save his master from Shelob the spider. I think this was a wise choice on Peter Jackson's part. It really set up a story for loyalty and unselfishness. It made Sam all the more ordinary hero.

We also have a character like Faramir. In the movie he is once tempted by the ring. He decides to take Frodo and Sam to Minas Tririth to see his Father. He has a change in heart when he hears Frodo pull his sword on his friend Sam who is trying to save him. Faramir realizes the ring can be held by no one and sends Sam and Frodo on their quest. In the book Faramir has the chance to see the ring yet he never desires to take it to his father. The book shows him as a smart and understanding person. His brother may have been the great warrior but Faramir shows his true qualities.

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Bobby Root said...

I'll read them all when I get back! haha! Have so much to read and do already for my mission!