18 April, 2008

Book Report: Return of the King

What a way to finish a story. Once again I know many of you have seen the movie but if you think you have seen it all you are missing out on one last battle. The battle of the Shire! After all the crap they had to go through with Minas Tirith and Mount Doom they return to there own home and it is taken over with servants of the enemy. Little do they know these four Hobbits can kick some serious butt.

Friendship is such an important role in these books. Frodo wouldn't have made it very far without Sam. He is truly the ordinary hero. A gardener turned warrior turned Father. In the end Frodo leaves Sam to his new life and sails off into the west. To say goodbye to this fellowship is sad but there are always new adventures.

Every time I finish a series I think that there is nothing else interesting to read in life. It sounds dumb and I know it isn't true but I get too attached and I always want more. Lucky for me there are more books of Middle Earth I can read. I've already started the Silmarillion.

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