28 December, 2011

Life Changers

I don't want to call them goals. I feel that goals have an end. I'll just call them life changers. If I still can't achieve them, oh well.

I've already started on a few new things. For one I have been reading at least fifty pages a day. As an English major I should get serious about reading outside of what is given to me in class. I am also preparing myself for a heavy semester, as all of my classes are literature based. I'm on my second book since Thursday. I will finish the Foundation Trilogy before the end of the break and I hope to get an early start on my school reading as well.

I've also started a workout routine. I realized how out of shape I was when I went on my anual week long surf trip this summer and failed miserably when it came to paddling with my arms. My upper body strength has deteriorated over the last couple of years. I remember just two years ago I was out in the ocean for three hours a day and I wasn't bothered by it. That was thanks to the six months of workouts that Nate and I put together. Well, I've got about six months till my next trip. I hope the workout routine I have set up will help me with my range of motion, endurance as well as balance. I'll be thirty years old in March and at that age I should be in the prime of my life.

I actually eat pretty well already. The one thing I am eating more of are greens. Your body has an easier time at processing vegetables. I'm also eating just half of my meals at sit down restaurants and not appetizers from now on. Salads are ok though. Everything in moderation.

I'm also saving more time for my blog. Facebook is a place to keep up with friends, but blogging is a place to write out my thoughts and feelings on topics. I will now use facebook as a communication tool rather than a soap box. This is going to be a tough one, but if I want people to know my opinions, I'll just direct them to my blog in a post. I find facebook so addictive that it will be difficult for me to just limit my visit to one a day. I love communicating with people.

Mandi and I have racked up some dental bills on a credit card because we have no insurance. My plan is to have that card paid of by May. Sacrifices have to be made, but those sacrifices will lead to a good summer. The only big thing we will be doing between now and May is our Valentines trip to Vegas to see The Darkness. I almost feel guilty for that one but we promised ourselves when we got married that if they ever came neer Utah, we would see them. "I believe in a  thing called love" is actually our song. Don't worry though. That trip isn't going on the credit card. We've got the money set aside to pay for that separately.

And now for the big one. If it is in my power I will be graduating in the fall. This all depends on if I can get registered for the right classes. This is always tough, as there are limited class times for upper division courses. I am also aiming for all A's this semester. I've gotta focus!


Cap said...

I like them. I've only this last year gotten into goal setting. Mostly because I found out that I am pretty good at keeping them. I think yours are great. I wish I was graduating that soon.

Jeffrey Dean Root said...

Your's are great. You are so detailed. I still envy you for bike riding everywhere.