31 December, 2011

It's Been a Good Year

It has been quite the year. Spring semester was challenging, but there was always time to relax on Fridays to paint in the hallways
Mandi Died her hair after her last ballroom concert as she was no longer under contract to keep it natural. Love it.

Right after school got out, we took a trip down to Snow Canyon and Gunlock Reservoir.

My brother Tyler organized a trip for the boys to see Grandpa Pete. We interviewed him on camera to get his accounts of family life, World War II and personal thoughts.

The last Harry Potter movie came out and we sold over 60 wands that night. Krystal and I split the $600 we made.

Mandi and I went out a few times over the summer to do some stand up paddle boarding.

I bought a used 1975 Shwinn road bike and used it as my form of transportation to school. As you can see, we also moved into a new apartment.

We took our annual California trip out to see James and Colin.

We went camping one last time at Joes Valley with my brother Tyler before the school year started.

Mandi and Seth competed in their first big ballroom competition together at the Nevada Star Ball.

I dressed as Ash for halloween and Mandi dressed as a 1940's print comic book character

I hosted a few star parties and got my first sweet shot of the Orion Nebula

I sold the Rambler to get us to the dentist. A sad day, but a necessary decision. Riding my bike in the winter isn't so bad. I only have about a mile to get to school.

Mandi and Seth got a solo in the winter ballroom show.

Mandi met Naomi, her birth mother, for the first time since she was only a couple days old.

There was a lot of studying at the semesters end. We both finished all of our required math classes.

I also wrote an awesome paper on the importance of science fiction in literature. Here is a photo of som e of the books I had to research for my paper.

We had a great Christmas with our real Christmas tree.

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