31 January, 2011

Russian Space Shuttle Bruan

As you all know I am a space nut. I love rockets and space ships. What kid doesn't. A few years ago I learned that Russia actually built their own space shuttle. Although short lived due to the fall of the Soviet Union, the Russians were able to finish one of the fleet of orbiters they were building and 1988 it was launched into space. The Shuttle Bruan was flown autonomously (by remote) and landed safely after its mission from orbit. This would be the only time the Bruan would fly. It was then put in storage and in 2002 the roof of the building it was stored in collapsed, destroying the orbiter and the rocket it was attached to. The Bruan was actually superior to the American Space Shuttles because it was able to fly autonomously and it could carry a cargo of 200 tons. It also used powered flight during re-entry with smaller rockets attached to the back. The American Space Shuttles only work as gliders giving them one chance to land. Here is the Space Shuttle Bruan.

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