30 July, 2009

No Hope For NASA

I must vent about something I have always found very important to this country and that is our space program NASA. In 2004 President Bush had a vision of making a new crew vehicle and sending astronauts to the moon. The only problem is NASA was expected to do this with insufficient funding. Now President Obama expects NASA to fulfill this vision and in the process congress will cut $26 billion of NASA's budget between 2010 and 2020.

Here we have 2 presidents who will throw money out to save failed banks, car companies and wars that have no return on the tax payers investment. Nothing at all to show for it but a deep pit full of debt and inflation.

With all of that money we could have sent humans to Mars probably a couple dozen times or even to the farthest planets in our solar system. But instead NASA receives about 1% of the national budget and is expected to do the impossible. I could go on and on but you get the picture.

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Mom & Dad Root said...

And now 450-500 jobs are lost at ATK because of the Space Shuttle program going away, minute man 3 done, & UNPLANNED CANCELLATIONS of several space programs, based on the economy from the Dept of Defense. YA RIGHT! Someone out there has their priorities all strewed up! When are they going to wake up!!!