26 June, 2009

The King Of Pop Is Dead!

Like older generations remember when the King of Rock and Roll died, our generation will remember when the King of Pop died. I was on my way to my sisters wedding when I heard the news. It just seams so odd when it happens out of the blue. I remember playing the thriller album on record all the time when I was growing up. We used to watch the making of thriller all of the time. I actually pulled the VHS out of the food storage room last night to watch it. I remember Krystal and Bobby performing Beat it in our dining room when we were kids. In fact, we have it on tape. I remember Bobby wearing his Michael Jackson shirt everywhere he went. I used to pretend I was Michael Jackson and dance around the house and pretend to moonwalk. The man had some of the most incredible music this world has heard and he was and may always will be the greatest dancer who ever walked this planet.

It is sad to see someone ruined by a sue happy nation. It is easy to accuse someone who is so vulnerable because of his image, personality and money. I have to go on believing his is an innocent man until he is proven guilty. When a family of a molested boy takes money over the future of child safety it brings up a lot of questions on whether the allegations were true.

I also bet you didn't know Michael was a great tap dancer. Watch about half way through this video.

Here are some quotes from other artists about Michael Jackson.

“Oh, God! That boy moves in a very exceptional way. That’s the greatest dancer of the century”. - Fred Astaire

“I didn’t want to leave this world without knowing who my descendant was. Thank you Michael!”- Fred Astaire (shortly before his death)

“The only male singer who I’ve seen besides myself and who’s better than me – that is Michael Jackson.” – Frank Sinatra

Here are some personal quotes from Michael Jackson.

"People think they know me, but they don't. Not really. Actually, I am one of the loneliest people on this earth. I cry sometimes, because it hurts. It does. To be honest, I guess you could say that it hurts to be me."

"I'll always be Peter Pan in my heart."

"I have spent my entire life helping millions of children across the world. I would never harm a child. It is unfortunate that some individuals have seen fit to come forward and make a complaint that is completely false. Years ago, I settled with certain individuals because I was concerned about my family and the media scrutiny that would have ensued if I fought the matter in court. These people wanted to exploit my concern for children by threatening to destroy what I believe in and what I do. I have been a vulnerable target for those who want money."

"There is a lot of sadness in my past life. My father beat me. It was difficult to take being beaten and then going on stage. He was strict; very hard and stern."

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