12 November, 2007

Settling Down

The last two months have been really hectic. We spent a good deal of our time looking for an apartment. We were lucky to receive accommodations at the McKinlays house for a couple weeks. We found a nice little upstairs apartment in a four-plex located in down town Provo. It's not bad. We have a great next door neighbor named Ehren. He is an Art Critic for In Utah This Week. He is very talkative and We always enjoy his company.

I have also decided to rip apart our 1965 beetle. So far I've welded in new floor pans, bought a nice interior kit and many other parts. The next step is to put the car back together so I can get the inside painted. Mandi and I have cleaned it up quite a bit but there is much more to do.

With all of this going on I have managed to continue working with Russell on his film. The process is slow but moving. I have also found time to write a script of my own. I am very excited about this story and hope to shoot it as a short for practice. In the future I will hire a writer that can help me with wording everything right.

Well until next time. Ta ta!


The Moon is Reaching for Me said...

I cant wait till your script and Russels movie is finished so you can start to work on your movie.

Val & John said...

Hey does your cute helper come with the car?