15 November, 2007

God and Science

Some scientist say it is possible that there is intelligent life out there. I believe there is too. Why is it so hard to believe that God is real. That he lives somewhere. That he has the ability to Govern a planet and it's inhabitants the same way we govern our own children. He gives us rules to obey for our own good and consequences that follow. It is such a simple concept yet there are so many that make it so complicated religiously and scientifically.

They believe we can clone or create a human but God could not have done the same to us right? What if you said that God is that intelligent life out there and he through studies learned to create life. He learned to re-arrange or organize mater and created this planet. Isn't that the goal of scientist now. To learn how our Earth was created. Why do we even need to know that? Is it so see where we are going? What might happen to us? What drives a scientist if we do not exist after this life?

Many religions believe that God is invisible, he has no shape, he is not tangible. I can see why science has a hard time with this concept. It makes no sense to me either. Why does God have to be this big giant blob in the sky? Why can't he be something you can touch and see? Why shouldn't we become like him?

God made his son Jesus like him. He showed God like abilities. We say we can alter genetics. We can make someone less prone to diseases and have the ability to increase their IQ. Why is it so difficult to believe God could create a being like this. Sure Jesus died but he was risen again. The dead are not dead and maybe that is something that prevents people from believing.

These are just some questions I have. It is not to offend anyone. I try to be open minded and if anyone has any questions to me I would be happy to answer them.


The Moon is Reaching for Me said...

Awesome perspective J.D. I think your questions fit well with your answers but i still wonder about cloning. Now can we only come through earth through a womb or can we also come by way of a human scientist cloning us? Maybe God asked himself this question long ago in a similiar situation.

Jeffrey Dean Root said...

He might have asked the same question. I guess now it is up to God to let us do it. If it works, then we will know.

The Moon is Reaching for Me said...

MAYBE cloning is our way of training us for when we become Gods and Godesses. Maybe we have a choice on how we want to send our children down to earth and we can only pick one. lol

Alene said...
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