06 April, 2010


So some lady decided to drive up on the sidewalk to pass us, nailed the right side of our car and decided to take off. Mandi braved chasing after her like an action star on a flat tire and messed up alignment. We caught up to the lady who was trying to hide in a near by parking lot. Oh I gave her a few choice words and we had a witness to the accident. The cops came and took down a full report and they knew that our story was the true version. So our car was towed to a body shop and we will hear from the insurance company tomorrow. This should be interesting. CRAZY LADY.

PS: We are ok :)


Chocolates for Breakfast said...

you don't mess with mandi! SO GLAD YOU TWO ARE OKAY!

ty and megs said...

holy schmoley! way to go maddle. i like picturing you as an action star!