17 December, 2008

Jurassic Park

I finished another book a few days ago. I thought I would take another look at a book to film adaptation. Jurassic Park is a clever and realistic piece of science fiction. It is a look into technology that we already have but limit the use of for moral reasons. It questions weather or not we should clone an extinct animal we hardly know anything about. Cloning an animal that was killed off not because of humans but because nature selected them to go.

The book also brings up a good point about corporate scientists and how they move forward. They are not as disciplined as someone that is doing ground up research. They grab a hold of something that is so close to being completed and they find a way to sell it without taking enough time to think about the consequences.

This book changed some of my views on responsibility over what we create. I see no problem with cloning something like a Wholly Mammoth because it is something that humans killed off so we know we can control it. I would like to see a dinosaur cloned yet we will never know if we can control it. It's funny to think that even after reading this book I would still go forward with it. How could I resist the ability to bring back one of the greatest mysteries of the past.

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Alene said...

I had the privilege of hearing the paleontologist Jack Horner speak once at the University of Montana. He was a consultant for the film (how to make the dinosaurs look) and a super-interesting guy and went on and on about the fallacies in the whole story (T-rexes are very slow). Anyway, he was fascinating, made me a lot more interested in dinosaurs.