27 January, 2008

The Killers

4 years ago I almost didn't go to a concert with my friend Rob. It was almost a big mistake. It was a group I had never heard of called the Killers. I decided to stop being such a loser and left the house. We paid 10 bucks at the door of the Low Fi Cafe. We took the steps down along with about 100 other people or less because thats all that would fit. Mellow Drone and Evening opened that night. And then, I got Rocked by the Killers!!! Ever since that night I've been listening to their music. I can't stop it. I've only been to that one concert and I regret it. My wife Mandi didn't care for their music until I introduced their second album to her. She listened to it non stop at her work. The Radio can introduce us to music but It makes us hate it just as fast. Listen with your own ears.

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