21 December, 2007

Look out, I've got a new costume!

Don't say I didn't warn you about next year. I've got a new Halloween costume.
Mandi and I just came back from seeing the best Tim Burton film since Ed Wood. I'm in love with this movie. No, It's not because of the many throats that are slit. It's not even because of the meat grinder. The characters and music are just so well developed. Everyone who acted in this film were incredible. It has a style that no one can match. So go see it if you have a strong stomach. If not. You can just take my word that you are missing a masterpiece.


Alene said...

I want to see it way bad, so do you think pregnant stomach can take it?

Jeffrey Dean Root said...

It's bloody but not as bloody as people say. Just a lot of slit throats :)